You know you’ve stumbled upon something very special when you have to cross three farms just to reach your driveway…

“Seriously?” I thought as I opened yet another farm gate and caught up to the bakkie once again. “ANOTHER  gate?” but I can promise you that all that hopping in and out of your car is well worth the effort once you pull up to this little gem in the middle…and I mean the absolute middle of freaking no-where. It’s just you and your windmill for kilometers around but that doesn’t mean roughing it…this cottage is beautifully equipped with everything you could possibly need. Bright red whistling kettle? Yup! Matching Le Creuset coffee plunger? Yes. Three different sets of beautiful tea cups and mugs for endless tea on the porch? Definitely yes!

Not only that…but there are so many little touches which make you realise that this cottage was decorated with love and care…

Over the course of the three days we spent lazing around, eating, hiking and drinking plenty of wine, I began to slowly feel the tension of city life drain away.There’s something hypnotic in only being able to hear the sound of a windmill and the swish of your page turning as you devour a good book….


The view from the cottage is spectacular and if you take the time to explore the surrounding foothills you will see that they are full of amazingly diverse Karoo plants…

On a practical note, there’s no electricity but there is a gas fridge/freezer, gas stove and geyser for hot showers. There are also plenty of solar jars, paraffin lamps and candles which create a lovely atmosphere in the evenings (and allow for the most incredible star gazing!)

If you have the time and the vehicle I highly recommend taking the B-road to Ceres home. There’s no other traffic to worry about and with your windows rolled down and views like this…I can hardly think of a better way to spend an hour or two.



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