If you haven’t gone to Babylonstoren yet then do yourself a favour and get out there!

Babylonstoren is both incredibly beautiful on a perfect summer day and equally beautiful in the dead of winter! I’ve spent a few rainy Sundays tramping around the garden in my gumboots and admiring the mountains shrouded with cloud and I can guarantee you that there is always so much to see.

The garden is particularly amazing because everything in it is edible or has a health use. There are so many different parts to explore, from the chickens and ducks to the berry garden and prickly pear maze! Gundula gives garden tours for free (all you need to do is book) and she is an inspiration and wealth of knowledge! Many of the vegetables are used in the kitchens for the 2 restaurants on the farm and the platters in the new wine tasting room.

And speaking of wine (one of my favourite subjects.) I really enjoyed the new Babel bubbly which has been  named simply, Sprankel…although it was a tad out of my price range at R495 per bottle. The Babel Red, however, is delicious and reasonably priced and we enjoyed a bottle, or three, with lunch at Babel Restaurant. The new tasting room is beautiful and was warm and sun drenched on the chilly day that we went.

Wow, what a colour explosion in the new Autumn menu. Beautiful, healthy food straight from the garden and my husband’s best steak…ever. (high praise from a carnivore like him.) We ordered the three salads on the menu to start (yellow, green and red) and they were fresh and delicious!

 I can’t resist adding in a few other foodie photo’s from a previous trip 🙂


I always leave Babylonstoren feeling refreshed and rested…so if you haven’t explored this amazing place yet…then do yourself a favour and go!




The End



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