My Sugar…

Forks are for sissies, I thought as I bit into the most amazing doughnut on God’s green earth…fresh, melt in your mouth doughnut shell filled with creamy, zingy lemon curd and topped with fluffy torched meringue…heaven! You definitely won’t need any sugar in your coffee after one of these beauties! And with so many amazing flavours to choose from it’s a wonder I didn’t walk out with an entire box full!

Pictured above are the lemon meringue filled doughnut, the s’more, topped with dark chocolate ganache, toasted marshmallow and chocolate shards and the caramelised white chocolate with butterscotch popcorn and salted caramel pearls. I also took a crème brûlée one home for to share with the hubby, it had a proper crackly sugar top and is filled with vanilla bean crème brûlée….mmmmmm.



They also have an impressive array of designer chocolates on display…all of which are made on site. I was far too sweet to attempt any chocolates but next time I will definitely try a caramello Buddha or four – I love the inclusion of savoury elements into the chocolates, such as caramel with a touch of miso.


What a perfect way to celebrate the end of a very long term of teaching!




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