Die Klip Huisie

The fire is crackling, the full moon is rising and I have a cold cider in hand. Sitting with my feet propped up on the edge of the braai and looking out at the deep bluey-purple mountains I heave a sigh of satisfaction…let the weekend away begin!


Waking up the next morning to this view and sipping a cup of coffee on the stoep was heaven. The homemade rusks made it even better! If you look closely at the picture you can literally see the cream running down the sides of the bottle of farm milk left in the fridge for us…yum!

The cottage has been beautifully decorated and is full of thoughtful touches like the fresh flowers next to our bed and in the bathroom, as well as the pecan nuts (with nutcracker at the ready) and magazines to read if you forgot to bring your book.

It’s set in a lovely kitchen garden with roses and lavender, as well as fruit trees and herbs.ย The fresh rosemary from the garden came in handy for our lamb rump on the braai and we used the mint from outside the front door in the couscous salad with roasted beetroot and goats cheese.

NOW…the best part of Die Kliphuisie? Is the outside shower! It’s the only shower, actually, and I think this is brilliant because even when you wouldn’t normally choose to shower outside, you’re forced to just get out there and enjoy! There was a nippy little wind while we showered but with the steaming water pelting my skin it felt amazing! Unfortunately it was cloudy for both evenings but I can imagine that showering under the stars would be something to remember!


The cottage has a large lounge and kitchen and two bedrooms. The second bedroom is probably only suitable if you have children though, as they are joined and you have to either walk through the larger bedroom or use the stoep door to enter.


If I had to make one criticism of ย Die Kliphuisie it would be that it is a little close to a road and so you hear the occasional hum of cars going by. On the flip side of things, it’s right by the main railway line and I loved watching the trains rumble by!

We had a beautiful walk up to one of the dams with spectacular views!

ย I will definitely be back soon!

For more info… http://diekliphuisie.withtank.com/


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