Kosi Forest Lodge adventure…

We met our guide, Blessing, in the middle of a typical, Natal thunderstorm. Big drops of warm rain pattered down as we climbed onto the back of an open safari vehicle and set off for the forest lodge. Blessing kindly offered to wait until the rain stopped but the hubby and I were anxious to be off and begin our adventure. A little bit of rain just added to the excitement!img_20161223_191838_167

Our tent was nestled under an enormous tree in the forest. We reached it via a meandering white sand path marked with tiki torches along the way to scare off hippos at night! Eek! The tent was luxurious and comfortable… in fact it hardly qualifies as a tent in my books!

Whoever thought of putting the bathroom outside was a genius. Lying under the massive trees watching the wind stir the leaves and soaking in the silence was one of the highlights of the trip!

The next day we set off to walk through the dense raffia palm forest on the way to our canoes.  The lake was spectacular! Nothing disturbed the silence except the calls of kingfishers and the dipping of paddles into the water.

The rest of the day was left for lazing next to the swimming pool and keeping an eye out for a glimpse of the hippos that live in the lake. Unfortunately all we heard were grunts as they wallowed, out of sight.


We watched the sun dip into the lake with sundowners and canapés before wandering back for dinner. A lazy supper under the trees ended off a perfect day at this little piece of heaven.

The end


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