Cabine Du Cap

A little bit of off-the-grid serenity…

After driving through the hell that is five o clock traffic on a Friday, the bump of the car leaving the tar road and joining the dirt felt like a blessing… Cabine Du Cap is in the middle of the karoo…and I mean the middle…no sign posts to speak of and the directions instruct you to turn at the little blue ribbon tied to a telephone pole next the road… you get the picture.

The Cabin itself is simply, yet beautifully decorated with a wrap around deck and outdoor bath. There is also a safari tent with it’s own spectacular bath and outdoor shower which can be booked in conjunction with the cabin. My mom joined us so we booked both.



One of my favourite things about this little getaway? It’s fully serviced and an amazing Malawian man, named Joseph comes to cook you breakfast on the open fire every morning. Picture waking up to the smell of woodsmoke and bacon…every single morning.

The hills around the cabin are perfect for taking an afternoon wander. If you walk up to the top of the koppies the views are beautiful and the land isn’t as devoid of life as you would think…


After a stroll a glass of wine in the bath…

Followed by more wine, a fire, dinner and bed…



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